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Visiting New Brunswick

Your child is thinking about studying in New Brunswick? You’re invited to visit and discover endless opportunities. Not only is New Brunswick home to some of the oldest and best post-secondary education institutions in Canada, the quick transition from urban centres to vast nature makes life in our province delightfully inviting. Visit the Tourism New Brunswick website for resources that will help you plan your visit.

Education Agents

Some international students and their families choose to hire education agents to help them get ready to study in New Brunswick. Education agents’ services range from marketing and promotion to recruitment and more. Please note that education agents cannot provide advice on Canada’s immigration process and that the Government of New Brunswick and the Government of Canada does not qualify, accredit, guarantee or endorse any particular agent. We advise anyone thinking about hiring an agent to conduct thorough research on the agent’s expertise and background, and whether New Brunswick institutions are authorizing their services. We invite you to visit the EduCanada website to learn more about education agents:

What to expect?

Life in NB

With diverse landscapes, friendly folks, and world-class education, there is so much to discover when living in New Brunswick.

Program Admissibility

Program admissibility is dependent on the institution and program the student is applying to. To learn more about admission requirements specific to your program of interest, please reach out to the institution concerned.


Limited student housing is available at all New Brunswick universities. Please reach out to the university you are interested in to learn more about housing costs and application deadlines.

Many students in New Brunswick also choose to live off-campus. Many resources exist to find available housing for rent in the area where you wish to study. We advise anyone looking for rental housing to do diligent research on the rental management company or individual they are dealing with to avoid fraudulent cases. It is also recommended that students began their search well ahead of their arrival in New Brunswick to ensure that they have a place to stay upon arrival. Available housing can be limited depending on the area where you will be studying.

Study Costs

Study costs in Canada, and more specifically, in New Brunswick, are generally lower than colleges and universities in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.

Tuition fees will depend on the program and institution. To learn more about specific program cost, please reach out to the institution concerned.

Additional Resources

Plan Your Studies

Our colleges and universities pride themselves on being leaders in the field of research, education, and information. Smaller class sizes, experiential learning opportunities, and supportive teams allow them to provide you with the skills you need to succeed.


Mount Allison University

Institutions and Programs

New Brunswick is home to some of the oldest institutions and best research centers in the country. Find out which programs and institutions are best for you.