About Study NB

Study NB is a collaborative association of post-secondary institutions in New Brunswick, Canada.

Supporting the student journey through post-secondary education in New Brunswick is at the forefront of our priorities. Study NB is committed to coming up with innovative solutions to address gaps in our systems and continue working on broadening accessibility to post-secondary education in the province.

Study NB wants students to feel welcomed by our communities every step of the way while providing world-class education in Canada’s only officially bilingual province.

Where education meets innovation

Our Values

Study NB is committed to accountability, diversity, integrity, innovation, excellence, transparency, and support.

Our Mission

Study NB wants to provide a supportive environment for students as they navigate the New Brunswick post-secondary education system. We are also committed to elevating New Brunswick’s profile to become the education destination of choice.

Our Vision

Study NB will have a transformative impact on New Brunswick by providing students with the education, information, and experiences needed to succeed in the province.

Plan Your Studies

Our colleges and universities pride themselves on being leaders in the field of research, education, and information. Smaller class sizes, experiential learning opportunities, and supportive teams allow them to provide you with the skills you need to succeed.


Mount Allison University

Institutions and Programs

New Brunswick is home to some of the oldest institutions and best research centers in the country. Find out which programs and institutions are best for you.